About owf


We live in a world that is growing ever closer together. Travel has become a cultural asset and a basic need. However, we have to face the responsibility that in this "one" world there is still an "other" world, where social grievances and insufficient schooling in socially weak population groups are part of everyday life.

The one world foundation promotes tourism based on mutual understanding and fair exchange. Traveling educates in a double sense: on the one hand by experiencing culture and nature and on the other hand by supporting the Free Education School with your stay at the Ayurveda Guesthouse & Resort Bogenvillya. The income from the guesthouse finances the school and thus becomes a sustainable investment in the host country. Guests and locals get a meeting place and space for intercultural exchange, worlds grow together - a common world, "one world".

Over 1100 students attend the Free Education School. Together with the school in Katuwila, the one world foundation today offers the following free education programs from preschool to vocational training, complementing the services provided by the state school: 

  • Pre-School for approx. 170 children
  • Primary Education for approx. 50 pupils
  • English for about 620 students
  • Tamil for about 50 students
  • IT/Computer for about 110 students
  • Women's Cooperation for approx. 50 women (tailoring, batik, knitting)
  • Photography class for about 20 students
  • Music for about 50 students
  • Sports for about 90 students

In our workshops, professional photographers work with young people at the Free Education School to teach them the basics of photography in a three-month intensive course. The workshop enables the students to develop their own ideas, find creative solutions and carry out projects independently. The workshop also offers senior photographers the opportunity to develop their skills through exposure to a non-European culture and its values. 

The Photography Workshop is a professional training and an integral part of the Free Education School curriculum. It always ends with an exhibition open to the public. The three-month basic course is followed by a six-month internship with a photographer or newspaper in the area. Only then are students admitted to a final examination and, after successful completion, receive an official certificate from the study authority. This is comparable to a journeyman's certificate in Europe. 

Previous guest lecturers include:

  • Elena Givone
  • Fritz Krinzinger
  • Günter Mik
  • Ronnie Niedermeyer
  • Laurent Ziegler

All photos of the Sri Lanka Photo Collective are works of the participants in the photo workshops of the Free Education School. All net proceeds will again benefit the school project and thus form a third financial pillar in addition to the income from the guesthouse and the support through donations.