The one world college is the government-approved education unit of the one world foundation (owf). The owf is a not-for-profit organisation in Wathuregama (in south-west Sri Lanka), founded by Kathrin Messner and Josef Ortner in 1995. The owf’s mission is to change lives for the better through quality education. By nurturing the potential of the young population of Sri Lanka, children and the youth are ensured a promising future in an increasingly globalised world.

Offering a wide range of educational and vocational training programmes in a rural area with a lack of infrastructure, the one world college comprises more than 1,100 students today. The more than 20 courses span pre-school, primary education, language training and vocational training (Photography, IT, Women’s Cooperation). All courses are consistent with national education plans. Students obtain government-approved certificates upon successful completion of courses.
The budget of the one world college is secured by private donations and the proceeds from the Bogenvillya, an Ayurvedic resort operated by owf in the vicinity of the college. Through the sale of photographs from the portfolio of the sri lanka photo collective, the vital creation of an additional financial source for the funding of the college is secured.

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